tarte tatin

The whole apple method with serious apple shrinkage

Again with the tarte tatin. This time I got good colour in the apples, and I liked the overall look with the exceptions of the apples being a tiny bit overcooked so the design was a little ruined. The main problem is the bitter caramel taste in the apples. the next day at work i made the same mistake when I tried to make tatin apples to top a cheesecake.

Here is the trick for cooking the apples without that bitter taste:
Peel, core and cut the apples into eights. Melt a good amount of butter in a skillet and toss the apples in once its nice and hot. Once the juices start melting, add some sugar, then cook while tossing the apples around so nothing burns. Then add more buttter, and more sugar and keep cooking keeping a close eye on it and making sure nothing burns. Remove from the heat. At that point there should be that nice deep brown caramel colour and taste. If the apples are still not cooked enough, thats ok since you are making tarte tatin. Since i was making a tatin cheesecake though, I put the apples on a tray in the oven for about 30 more minutes until they were perfect consitency to cut through with a fork.

I think last year I had tried to make the tatin with apple halves. The taste was good but the look not there. The apples really shrink a lot, as I had been warned, but really they actually shrunk more than I imagined.

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