Cherry Clafoutis

Yeah, so Lyra has this totally straight off the boat, Hungarian BF named Viktor who not only has the gift of photo taking but also an appreciation for showing up at my house with a fine bottle of spanish wine. That night I stole the recipe for clafoutis from foodbeam (soooo easy) and this was the desert of the evening. Unfortunately I don't think that Chef liked it very much as he gave me another recipe which contained almond flour and apparently no clafoutis is a real clafoutis unless you have the almonds going on inside. Nonetheless I served the cherry clafoutis with a chocolate ganache and I'm not sure if it was good but the folks that were over that day said they were.
I used flexipan molds to make the little ones and also tried with the traditional little tartelette pans, but seriously, HOW MUCH BUTTER do you have to use to get the things out of there???

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Viktor said...

yeah. Man. these little flying saucers were delishhh Melanie. when again?