a list of lists

1. dessert island list
2. favourite movie list
3. shopping list
4. packing list
5. prep list
6. set list
7. douchebag list
8. list of goals, short and long term
9. pros and cons
10. playlist


L Vanel said...

I think I'll make one today called Reasons why this Monday is going to be Different. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it!

new shock said...

Mel! I could hang out here all day, how sweet. And I love that you've got a couple lists up. Very nice. I'll be completing my list of best pastries tres soon. Hope you liked the raw dish list.

jlee said...

I love my day planner.

newshock said...

Mel, please give me the first three entries for a Douchebag list. thanx.