Banoffee. You have to make it once in your life.

This is that time.
For the last day of the decade, I thought I would treat my friends to Banoffee pie. They were looking a little pale after the cheese fondue, so I made sure that they got their recommended dosage of dairy products by topping the pie with some sweet and boozey whipped cream.
I used a shortcrust pastry as a base, par baked completely. On top of it I poured some french caramel that had mascarpone and white chocolate in it, and added some caramelized banana slices that slowly sunk in a little, very appetizing looking.
Note: I recommend caramelizing bananas and just eating those on their own...quite the treat.
Thanks Aimee for taking the photos last night. I could NOT have done it.

OOOOOOOh, and I forgot one thing.
One last time, some Christmas cookies, which ARE ALL GONE NOW. No more.

Some Swiss Spietzbebe, because Christmas is not over until its over. This is the recipe from the December Saveur magazine - a really good short dough recipe that I also used as the base for Banoffee, mostly out of laziness but it worked out. I added lemon zest and extract to it. The cookies are filled with my friend Paul's blueberry jam, and dusted with icing sugar. Yay!!!

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jlee said...

those were amazing cookies! the melt-in-your-mouth kind