Necessary Books Issue #1

Since we have been collection more cook books than a cookbook store, I thought I may as well start making a compilation of my favourites and highly recommended. There are so many cookbooks out there, and so many baking books, and soooo soooo so many books about cupcakes. How do you choose?

a good cookbook should?

-have a picture of every recipe (food porn factor)
-use no kitchen slang and explain methods in full detail, assuming that the reader knows nothing
-give a list of ingredients and equipment used in the book along with where to purchase and which brands are best and what to look for
-explain how measuring is done for their recipes (ie. fluid verses dry measurings, scoop and scrap method, egg size, etc..)

Numero Uno in my heart: Babycakes

Maybe its just a passing phase, but I have been opening and closing this book non stop since last November. I wake up in the morning I feel like I just NEED to make something. I put it down and pick it up again and I can't get away from it. Is it because Erin Mckenna is amazingly engaging in the way she writes? is it because their recipes make goodies that make me feel so good? Either way, this book has it all...lovely photos of everything, interesting tidbits, useful information along with inspiration to be a healthier person. They make it look so easy!

The Pie and Pastry Bible
You know when your mom follows you around the kitchen, watching your every move, questioning everything you do, and you get really annoyed, so you insist on doing it YOUR WAY just to annoy her, and then your cake comes out looking deflated and overbaked, and she says "I told you so"?
Well this book is the remedy to that problem. Rose is your annoying Mom, but she doesn't make you feel half as bad. You can trust everything you read in this book. It is the most informative book I own, and I take everything I read in this book very seriously. Rose is always right, trust me.
P.S. The streusel recipe in here will change your life. It is so good you can bake it on its own, with a little additional fleur de sel, and eat it as a cookie.

Lately this is one of my favourites. I like it because it is unique, fun, and a little rustic. Their marshmallow recipe is the only time I have ever been able to make marshmallows which is a big thing for me considering how many times I have failed. (It takes a LOT of time to clean up a pound of solidified sugar syrup encrusted with 12 gelatin sheets all wound up around the kitchen aid and whip attachment).
I like this book. Watch out for those chocolate chip cookies though...I think there is a typo in the baking temperature.

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