At work, I made these little cakes for moms. yay mom!
They are vanilla cakes with layers of chocolate ganache and lemon curd. The outside is lemon buttercream, marzipan, and poured fondant, yay poured fondant. This made me realize I hate poured fondant actually. Even though it looks amazing, and perfect and beautiful, I will never use poured fondant again. Did I just jinxed myself by saying this? Probably. The poured fondant comes in a heavy 16L bucket, it is so difficult to get open you almost rip your nails off, then to get the stuff out of there, you get blisters on your hands from a metal spoon. Then you have to heat it up to the right liquidity and temperature, which is a fuss, and then add colours and flavours (cherry in the pink, violet oil in the purple, and lemon in the yellow). You place your cakes on a wire rack over a pan (to collect the stuff that runs off), and try to evenly pour the fondant over the cakes...the stuff is so finicky and disgusting, it sticks to everything including your hands, and takes forever to clean up. I couldn't get the stuff off my hands even with hot water and soap. Why would anyone eat this stuff?

Note...this is the stuff on DONUTS! The glaze, the stuff that holds the sprinkles to the donut. The "chocolate glaze". Don't eat donuts, I'm warning you.

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