I love strawberries, so much.

Strawberry Compote
3 lbs strawberries, green cut off, and either sliced, or cut in half
9 oz sugar or vanilla sugar
2Tbsp cup cornstarch, sifted
¼ t salt
zest of 1 orange, and its juice
1 vanilla bean, split and scraped
A splash of booze such as rum, Grand Marnier

Put everything in a large pot and let it sit for 20 mins to macerate. Bring to a boil on medium, stirring often so the bottom doesn’t burn. Cook on medium heat for about 15 mins until thick. Cool. Keep refrigerated.

Here are some ideas for the compote:
Spoon over fatty yogurt, with some chopped up mint leaves
Spoon over a par baked tart shell filled with pastry cream
Sandwich in a lemon biscuit with whipped cream
Crush up some merringues in a bowl, add whipped cream and strawberry compote
Spread over some toasted brioche with butter
Eat it by the spoonful right out of the container from the fridge when no one is looking
Put the compote in a high power blender with some ice and booze
Spoon the compote over vanilla ice cream, and eat it with tuiles
Bake a vanilla cake, and fill it with buttercream and compote

chocolate cake scraps topped with buttercream and strawberries,

have yourself a tasty and simply delish little snack, like I did.

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