au revoir laura and colin. i made you this cake

i'm sad to see my friends go but the surprise party was a huge success other than laura's mom parking her car right out front which was a bit of a giveaway but what the heck.

this is a chocolate cake, with 2 layers of chocolate mousse inside, and a smear of raspbelly jelly. the cake is covered first in dark chocolate ganache, and then in buttercream, and then, in a lot of fondant of all different colours. its too bad that fondant tastes like garbage because is it just so beautiful.

thanks to jlee for the photos.


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Michael Knight Rambo said...
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yarnovermovement said...

this is so amazing!
pure joy on top of a cake

Cupcake said...

yes. why must fondant taste like garbage? there must be a way around that.