Cupcakes and more Cupcakes

I actually had a bad dream about cupcakes last night. I also had a terrible incident on the subway yesterday so I think all my dreams were terrible because of it. I also watched this movie called "I've loved you for so long" and it deeply saddened me. Urhg. . I can't talk about it on my blog. Its just too lovely on here. I think I need a break from cupcakes though. Its summer. Time for ice cream and sorbets. Is is Sherbet or Sorbet?

These are cupcakes I made for someone's wedding...a combination of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, with vanilla and chocolate icing. One is white choco buttercream, and the other is whipped ganache. I also made those cherry blossoms with gum paste. First try with gum paste, but I think it turned out ok. Next time I should keep the gum paste covered so that it does not crack.Either way, the cupcake were probably the most enjoyed by Jenn's friend Enid, for her 5th birthday. Don't worry Enid, next year I will get you a bag of silver balls for your birthday!

Thanks Jenn for the lovely photos!

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