canada day carrot cake

On April 13th, I planted some seeds in the garden for dragon carrots. In the end, the seeds didn't do that well, about 3 of them actually grew into carrots, and then I replaced the rest of that space with radishes. I am one of the most impatient gardener ever though, and the carrots looked like they wanted to be picked, and I was almost dying of curiosity, so I ended up harvesting my carrots on June 30th. Crazy no?

Here are my 3 dragon carrots

I'm really happy about these 3 carrots. Next year I think I'll try to get a few more, and then I'll actually be able to make something with them.

I had to go out and buy a bag of last year's carrots (thank god for cold storage) to make the carrot cake for Canada Day. The place to be on Canada Day is at the Chrystian Family Farm in Vinemount Ontario for their annual pig roast. I love pig roasts that also include arctic char, lamb ribs, potato salads galore, and cake. Happy Birthday Canada!

Thanks to Whitney for bringing CANDY SALAD to the BBQ. We used the red candies to decorate the cake. NOTE: if you go to a BBQ where there are lots of children, I don't recommend bringing Candy Salad. The kids get nuts, and you won't be very popular with the other adults.

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jlee said...

your blog is the best. and I can't wait for summer!!!!