My parents were over last night and I think we opened too many bottles of wine. This morning I was a bit perplexed when I found 2 half full bottles of rose in the fridge. One was a fine Ontario find, Huff Estates Rose, 2006. GO ONTARIO! I used it up to make a jelly, and stuffed it all into jars along with some very ripe raspberries, vanilla chiffon cake scraps, and whipped cream.

I think I need to find a large trifle dish.

Pink Wine Jelly
250 ml rose wine (please, not vineyard mist)
125 gr. sugar
2 gelatine leaves
salt to taste

Heat up the wine and sugar in a pot, just enough to dissolve the sugar. Add salt, stir, taste, and add more if it tastes too sweet. Meanwhile, soak the gelatine leaves in very cold water. Once the gelatine is soft but not falling apart, remove it from the water, squeeze out the excess water, and add to the wine. Whisk, and strain into a terrine mold lined with plastic wrap.. put in the fridge, until set.

I just thought that this would taste amazing with blue cheese, try the Ontario Stilton.


S*V said...

MMMMMM rose wine jelly sounds soo good~great thinking.

Carl Hiehn said...

Oh-My-Goodness. Love IT!